November 2020: Elections Matter

Elections matter. Elections brought Donald Trump and his enablers into office, and elections can get them out. A “blue wave” of Democratic victories in November will help us right the ship and end the current madness. If Trump and his accomplices win re-election, we can expect more of the same, and worse. 

To this end, we are supporting three separate but related efforts. We are working to (1) turn Pennsylvania and Florida blue for the presidential election; (2) flip the U.S. Senate to a Democratic majority by ousting prominent but vulnerable incumbents; and (3) elect promising candidates in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania and Florida are swing states that will play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of the Presidential election. Donald Trump won each by a razor-thin 1-2% margin in 2016. Voter outreach via phone banking, text-banking, and postcard writing is congruent with public health recommendations amid COVID-19 and has a proven ability to increase voter turnout by margins of 3% or more—greater than Trump’s 2016 margin of victory. 

Just to our immediate north, in south-central PA, we are supporting three candidates — two at the state level and one for U.S. Congress — with a good chance of unseating Republican incumbents. Building enthusiasm for these candidates translates up the ticket to the Presidential race. Furthermore, Democrat-held state legislative seats are needed to draw Congressional districts that fairly represent voters and thwart GOP gerrymandering. 

Flipping the U.S. Senate to Democratic control is crucial for passing any reforms. Republicans hold a 53-47 majority in the Senate, meaning Democrats need to gain three seats — or four, if Sen. Doug Jones loses in deep-red Alabama — to regain control. Polling shows Republican incumbents either trailing or tied in several states including Colorado, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Kentucky. In the latter two states, two of the most prominent and influential Trump allies and enablers, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell, are facing serious challenges to their longstanding incumbencies.

Join us in our effort to get out the vote to get Trump and his sidekicks out of office!