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“…from Protest To Policy.” Elijah Cummings.

We’ve defeated Trump. We’ve defeated his cronies. We won in Georgia and took the Senate. We’ve celebrated. Now, we have a short window to save our democracy. Getting it done depends on all of us, and this new Indivisible guide provides a blueprint.

Are you ready to Rock the Vote?

Maryland has confirmed this year’s primary date will be July 19th. Are you ready?
It’s a redistricting year, so election officials have made changes to County, State, and Congressional districts. 
Make sure you are registered to vote and check your voting districts, polling places, etc. here
The voter registration deadline for the primary is JUNE 28.
If you are not going to be able to vote in person, request a mail-in ballot here
If you are going to be in town, volunteer to be an Election Judge (many are needed, in all districts).  Being an Election Judge is a long day, but informative and rewarding. 
Sign up here
Protect the Vote 2022 Campaign:  Common Cause Maryland will provide all the training and resources you need to assist voters, and there’s a supportive community of fellow volunteers that’ll have your back the whole way. There’s a role for everyone – whether it’s helping voters from home, assisting voters safely in person, or tracking online disinformation.
Sign up here.
Candidate video interviews and forums from the Maryland State Bar Association (governor and attorney general) here
WYPR’s Tom Hall radio interviews of candidates including Jon Baron, John King, Peter Franchot, Tim Adams, Brooke Lierman, Katie O’Malley, Barry Glassman here
Check Vote Smart’s website for free, factual, unbiased information on candidates and elected officials:
and/or Check the League of Women Voters’ comprehensive, non-partisan “one-
stop-shop” for voter information here


Defend the Democracy of the United States: In our country and throughout the world, democratic values are under assault. The Defend Democracy team is committed to educating ourselves and others about the challenges we face and promoting and participating in actions that support and defend democratic values.

Indivisible has joined the Declaration for American Democracy, a historic coalition of over 145 organizations representing millions of people nationwide. Our coalition includes groups from the labor, racial justice, faith, womens rights, environmental, good government, and many other important communities. Formed in 2018, we set out on a mission to take back our democracy and restore power to the people. We believe that we must build a democracy where everyone participates, every vote is counted, and everyones voice is heard.


•Participated in voter registration drives, together with the League of Women Voters
•Lobbied the Maryland Board of Elections and Governor Hogan to ensure fair and safeelections in 2020
•Organized rally in support of US Post Office in August 2020
•Lobbied the Maryland Legislature in support of bills to enhance voter access, ensure voting rights  and improve campaign financing; contributed to the passing of Mail-in Voting bill in 2020.


•Launched a new initiative focused on improving civic education in Howard County schools and joined the Maryland Civic Education Coalition.
•Lobbied two State/HoCo elected officials (C. Watson and K. Hester) to sign the letter from Democratic Maryland General Assembly (MGA)  members to the MGA calling for Representative Harris’s resignation in view of this actions on January 6, 2020.
•Letter to the Editor on H.R.1 published in the Howard County Times/Columbia Flyer.
•Submitted testimony in support of key election bills.  Contributed to the passing of the following key bills:
1.HB156/SB283 Student and Military Voter Empowerment Act
2.HB222 Value My Vote Act (complemented by SB525, Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services and State Board of Elections – Centralized Booking Facility – Ballot Drop Box)
3.SB415 Maryland Fair Elections Act 
HB1048 Permanent Absentee Ballot List

Support the goals of HR1/S1, the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT

•Ensure clean and fair elections: improve access, promote integrity, ensure security.
•End the dominance of big money in politics: guarantee disclosure, empower citizens, strengthen oversight.
•Ensure public officials work in the public interest: fortify ethics law, impose greater ethics enforcement.

Support the John R. Lewis Voting Rights  Act (H.R. 4), to reverse the discriminatory practices and restrictive voting laws caused by the Shelby County v. Holder Supreme Court decision.

Support the Washington DC Admission Act (H.R. 51), for statehood of Washington DC.

Key actions

• Calls to Maryland Senators Cardin and Van Hollen.
• Letters to the Editor.
• Phone banking into AZ and WV.
• Weekly rallies at the Gorman Road I95 overpass, on Fridays, between 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Howard County Elections - Behind the Scenes


The series of short articles below give background that can help in evaluating legislation and candidate positions on issues. Please read and share these!


Fair Elections

National Popular Vote

A Solution to the Electoral College

Why we should abolish Electoral college

Electoral College presentation

Campaign Finance Reform

Congressional Findings in HR-1

The Case for Campaign Finance Reform

How citizens united reshaped elections

The 2010 Supreme Court decision further tilted political influence toward wealthy donors and corporations.

Public Financing of Elections

A Case For and Against

Redistricting of Congressional and State Legislature Offices

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