Climate Action Team


To actively engage at the local, state and national level to encourage policies that reverse the effects of Global Climate Change, build Climate Resiliency and reduce single-use plastics.

Team Goals for 2021:

  1. The early focus will be on the 2021 Maryland legislative session.   We will support legislation to address slowing the building of new fossil fuel infrastructure, transitioning to an electrified transportation system, etc.
  2. Work with the Howard County Council to sign on to the “We Are Still In” declaration regarding the Paris Climate Accord.  
  3. Continue to elevate citizen actions that will prevent the current administration from gutting the original intent of the EPA, DOE and Dept of Interior as relates to climate change
  4. Track national climate change legislation such as Green New Deal and EV tax credit extension and advise IndivisibleHoCoMD members on effective actions
  5. Support pro-environmental candidates in special elections, and in neighboring state legislatures (VA/NJ)
  6. Support implementation of Offshore Windpower and Community/Utility Scale Solar across Maryland
  7. Quarterly education events as we have bandwidth

Activities for 2021

Legislative Action targeted toward the following:

  • Climate Solutions Now Act to create a mandatory framework for state government to follow scientific evidence in reaching Net Zero carbon emissions by 2045.
  • Transit Safety & Investment Act, which provides sufficient and necessary funding for operation and maintenance with a roadmap for replacement of obsolete vehicles with electric vehicles.
  • Environmental Justice to rectify problems in communities most impacted by climate crisis and toxic pollution by mandating Department of Environment identify impacted communities and establish process for remediation, establishment of panels to insure job security, new green energy and funding for minority business and communities working in green businesses,
  • Sustainable practices related to chemical incineration, waste solutions and plastics,
  • Electric vehicle incentives such as rebates and discounts for charging stations.

Coalition Building

The Climate Action Team has worked hard to build and work with other groups such as Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Maryland League of Conservation Voters, Sierra Club, Howard County Climate Action and others. This provides a strong political movement of over 75,000 coalition members.

Past successes:

In 2017-18, the Environmental Climate Action team:

  1. Successfully lobbied the Columbia Association to embrace and sign on to the “We Are Still In” declaration regarding the Paris Climate Accord
  2. Worked with the Columbia Association to form and appoint a new Climate Change & Sustainability Advisory Committee, which has now been operating and advising CA since July.
  3. Spread out across Maryland and neighboring states to help elect pro-environmental candidates in Howard County, and at the state and national levels.    
  4. Environmental Town Hall
  5. Tabling events: Earth Forum, Greenfest, Earth Day, Oakland Mills Fall Festival, Rise For Climate, Howard County Community College Sustainable Day
  6. Presentations :  Health Impacts of Plastics, Fracking, Environmental Justice, Myths of Recycling
  7. Enabling Bill HoCo 4-19 was introduced on behalf of Less Plastic Please
  8. Several articles in Baltimore Sun
  9. Letters to the editor in Howard County Flyer and Baltimore Sun
  10. Over six-hundred signatures on our petition to get a fee on plastic bags

Team Mission and Goals

Mission:  To advocate state and local governments to take decisive action to address climate change.

Contact: Richard Deutschmann (; 

               Barb Matheson(

  1. Partnering with the people’s climate march
  2. Sponsoring a bus to one of the marches
  3. Holding a town hall with Larry Hogan
  4. Prepare short fact-sheets – there are several issues that pose a threat to our environment:
    • The destruction of important regulations such as the Clean Power Plan
    • The destruction of the EPA
    • The Maryland fracking ban
    • Community Solar

If you wish to contact or join the Climate Action Team, please fill out the form below.

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