Education Action Team

The Education Action Team aims to inform the community about threats to public education and to identify action steps that promote respect, fairness, opportunity, and funding for all students.

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  • Worked to promote the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future in the Maryland legislature, passed on February 12, 2021, Governor vetoed, veto was overridden. Public school students will benefit from a more adequate, equitable, and targeted funding formula that will improve the lives and schools of Marylanders.
  • At the County level, the Education Action Team is committed to informing the public about Board of Education candidates that support our values. In September we hosted a “Meet the Candidates” Forum to highlight those candidates that best represented the values of IndivisibleHoCoMD. In addition, we provided questionnaires completed by the candidates that allowed our members to see their views on important issues.

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2021-2022 Goals and Plans

Our hardworking action team is currently on hiatus until the fall. 

• Starting in September we will be working on supporting candidates who prioritize and support Public Education with words and actions. 

• We will be centering our support around the MD Gubernatorial race as well as the 2022 Howard County. Public School System Board of Education race, which will determine the 2 countywide at-large seats. 

This legislation will ensure our public education system is strengthened in five key areas:

• Early Childhood Education

• College and Career Readiness Pathways

• High Quality and Diverse

• Additional resources for At-Risk Populations

• Accountability of spending