Education Action Team

The Education Action Team aims to inform the community about threats to public education from the current administration and to identify action steps that promote respect, fairness, opportunity, and funding for all students.

Education Team Annual Report – 2018

HCPSS Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Advisory Group

Indivisible HoCoMD is represented on the HCPSS Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Advisory Group by having an Education Action Team member’s voice amongst the stakeholders.

Tasked with gathering knowledge of current HCPSS practices and advising on systemic efforts to support Superintendent Michael J. Martirano’s Strategic Call to Action, this group is comprised of staff, students, and a wide range of community members.

The group is developing recommendations in 4 different areas: Student Voice, Curriculum, Workforce Diversity, and Professional Learning. Our member is on the Professional Learning subcommittee focusing on how HCPSS staff members are trained in the areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Each subcommittee will make 2-3 recommendations to the Superintendent at the end of the school year.

Education News

The “Honorable” Betsy Devos had quite the week. First stealing the headlines by cutting Special Olympics funding ($18 million) while expecting $60 million for private school vouchers. Then, a few days later she made the claim that—and this is a direct quote—“Students may be better served by being in larger classes.”

First the story on the Special Olympics funding cut breaks.

Then Trump backpedals while the backlash on DeVos is renewed

The Special Olympics imbroglio once again reveals Betsy DeVos is the worst member of Trump’s Cabinet

From the NEA a timeline of her attacks on public education

ACTION from the Network for Public Education

Sign this Petition – Fire Betsy Devos

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