Education Action Team

The Education Action Team aims to inform the community about threats to public education and to identify action steps that promote respect, fairness, opportunity, and funding for all students.

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Our priority this legislative session is to override the Governor’s veto of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future. This legislation will ensure our public education system is strengthened in five key areas:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • College and Career Readiness Pathways
  • High Quality and Diverse
  • Additional resources for At-Risk Populations
  • Accountability of spending

The best way to advocate for the override is to share personal stories of how you/your students/children/grandchildren/community have/has been impacted by the pandemic and why education funds are crucial now more than ever.

The Education team is part of Strong Schools Maryland, a major advocate of the Blueprint. Take action by Visiting the Strong Schools MD Action page with links including Record Your Story and one Click* Email your