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Democracy - What we MUST do to save it.

General Meeting Oct 10, 2021 2-3:30 PM

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Democracy is still under threat. There is a lot left to do.

Over the last few years, news came at a breathtaking pace. 

The Trump-Ukraine scandal , two Impeachments, a devastating pandemic killing over 660,000 in the U.S. alone,  attempts to rig elections, the murder of George Floyd that gave rise to protests, and the Biden-Harris victory in November 2020. 

Now that President Biden has been elected shouldn’t we all be able to relax?

NO!  The attack on the US Capitol on January 6 has strengthened the Trump-led attack on democracy. The danger to our democracy did not end with Joe Biden’s inauguration; it  simply morphed into new and insidious threats. 

Authoritarian Republicans continue their efforts to undermine voting rights, impose theocracy, thwart environmental and climate protections, deny and delay social justice, ban abortion, fan hatred and fear, and attack local and state election systems around the country. 

Join us on Oct. 10 to see how you can be part of the fight to save democracy.

Help Resettle Afghan Refugees in Columbia and D.C. Area

There are several thousand Afghan refugees coming into the Washington DC Metro area, and they need help getting on their feet.  Below is a list of some drop off points in Columbia and DC for donations of goods.

Also below is a list of items needed, which includes most everything, since the refugees are arriving with next to nothing! …

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The Climate Action team’s mission is to actively engage on state, local and national level to encourage policies that reverse the effect of Global Climate Change, build climate resiliency and reduce single-use plastics.

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About Us

IndivisibleHoCoMD is an informal group of Howard County residents who came together to fight the racism, xenophobia, authoritarianism, and corruption pushed by the Trump administration and its allies.  We use the tactics outlined in the Indivisible Guide to engage and empower ordinary people in Howard County to drive change.  Our mission is to build a fairer, more compassionate democracy.

Indivisible Howard County, Maryland

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