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We are your neighbors, and working together we can make a difference.  No fundraising, no egos, just action.

IndivisibleHoCoMD is an informal group of citizens in Howard County, MD, registered with the Indivisible Project’s national network of local grassroots groups. We believe in fairness, tolerance, inclusion, and democracy, and come together to fight the racism, xenophobia, authoritarianism, and corruption pushed by the Trump administration and its allies. Read our charter

Marylanders deserve a Senator with a solid commitment to Maryland’s working families. Senate candidate Larry Hogan talks a good game about these things, but his actions tell a different story: the story of an insider politician who always puts profit over people. 

  • Larry Hogan referred to our states’ incredible teachers as “thugs”
  • Larry Hogan tried to block a law that would have helped fund new reproductive care clinics in parts of the state that didn’t have access to clinics
  • Larry Hogan denied millions of dollars in funding to train new abortion providers in Maryland
  • Larry Hogan tried to block funding for affordable prescription drugs in Maryland
  • Larry Hogan canceled new, effective public transit that would have given thousands of working Marylanders access to universities, jobs, and schools.
  • Larry Hogan supported multiple efforts to make voting harder for Maryland voters. 

Worst of all, Larry Hogan tried to hide and downplay all of this to us – the voters. We can all agree that we want a peaceful, prosperous, and welcoming state for ourselves, our families, our friends, and our neighbors. Larry Hogan will not represent these values in the Senate – he will continue to support shady special interest groups and big money, and he will fight to stop the things that matter to us here in Maryland. We can’t let this happen! Vote Blue on Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2024!     Read More

Get Ready to Vote in the Maryland Primary!

The Maryland Primary Election Day is May 14 with Early Voting Days from May 2 – 9.  It is important to make your voice heard in selecting the candidates that will go on to the General Election. Here are some things you need to do:

Check your voter registration and district numbers here at the Maryland Board of Elections website.

If you are registered with a party, you can vote in that party’s Primary Election. Check your voter registration or switch your party here.

Make a plan for how you will vote. You can vote by mail, in-person Early Voting during May 2 – 9, or in-person Election Day May 14 voting.  Request a ballot to vote by mail here. 

See what offices are to be decided at the federal and county level here.

Get to know the Democratic Party candidates on the Howard County ballot and make your choices:

US President – Joseph Biden, Dean Phillips, Marianne Williamson

US Senator – Angela Alsobrooks, Michael Cobb, Marcellus Crews, Bryon Friedenborg, Scottie Griffin, Robert Houton, Joseph Perez, Stephen Seuferer, David Trone, Andrew Wildman,

US House of Representatives – District 3 – Mark Chang, Michael Coburn, Malcolm Columbo, Abigail Diehl, Juan Dominguez, Lindsay Donahue, Harry Dunn, Sarah Elfreth, Mark Gosnell, Terri Hill, Aisha Kahn, Clarence Lam, Matt Libber, Kristin Nabors, John Morse, Jake Pretot, Don Quinn, Mike Rogers, Danny Rupli, Gary Schuman, Stwart Silver, Jeff Woodard

Howard County Board of Education candidates are by County Council District this year. 

Do your homework and choose wisely!

The League of Women Voters has summary information and key issue questionnaires on most candidates. Enter your address at this website:  Vote411.org

TV Station WMAR is hosting Senatorial Candidates on April 16 at 7pm (Democratic Candidates) and April 17 at 7pm (Republican Candidates).

Let’s get to work - together!

Click here to learn about Defend Democracy Team
current activities and to read informative material on HR1, campaign
financing, redistricting and more!

The Environmental Action team’s mission is to actively engage on state, local and national level to encourage policies that reverse the effect of Global Climate Change, build climate resiliency and reduce single-use plastics.

Fortify our democracy!  Fill the Congress and Senate with Democrats!

Join the Immigration Team! The team hopes to raise public awareness of immigrants’ and refugees’ rights and concerns in order to promote compassionate legislation.

Our Postcard Brigade has helped to get out the vote by writing postcards to voters in states and districts with important, competitive races all around the country. We have encouraged people to register and head to the polls. We have written to voters to get out and vote to protect reproductive freedoms, workers’ rights, and voting rights – and they did! 

There are active writing campaigns going on now and much to do in the year ahead.

We’ll never sell or share your information and we don’t ask for money.

Indivisible Howard County, Maryland

IndivisibleHoCoMD is registered with the Indivisible Project

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