We Are IndivisibleHoCoMD

We are your neighbors, and working together we can make a difference.  No fundraising, no egos, just action.

IndivisibleHoCoMD is an informal group of citizens in Howard County, MD, registered with the Indivisible Project’s national network of local grassroots groups. We believe in fairness, tolerance, inclusion, and democracy, and come together to fight the racism, xenophobia, authoritarianism, and corruption pushed by the Trump administration and its allies. Read our charter

FieldTeam 6 Presentation for Indivisible Montgomery

Watch the presentation of Deb Verla of Field Team 6, an organization with the mission to “Register Democrats. Save the World.”, to Indivisible Montgomery. Deb Verla explains how FieldTeam6 is creating ways to register more Democrats in swing states before the 2024 election. Learn ways YOU can help register more Dems just using your computer from home! 

Let’s get to work - together!

Click here to learn about Defend Democracy Team
current activities and to read informative material on HR1, campaign
financing, redistricting and more!

The Environmental Action team’s mission is to actively engage on state, local and national level to encourage policies that reverse the effect of Global Climate Change, build climate resiliency and reduce single-use plastics.

Fortify our democracy!  Fill the Congress and Senate with Democrats!

Join the Immigration Team! The team hopes to raise public awareness of immigrants’ and refugees’ rights and concerns in order to promote compassionate legislation.

Our Postcard Brigade has helped to get out the vote by writing postcards to voters in states and districts with important, competitive races all around the country. We have encouraged people to register and head to the polls. We have written to voters to get out and vote to protect reproductive freedoms, workers’ rights, and voting rights – and they did! 

There are active writing campaigns going on now and much to do in the year ahead.

We’ll never sell or share your information and we don’t ask for money.

Indivisible Howard County, Maryland

IndivisibleHoCoMD is registered with the Indivisible Project

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