Immigration Action team

Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Justice

Howard County Coalition for Immigrant Justice (HCCIJ) is a group of immigrants, concerned organizations, and individuals working to support and protect our foreign-born friends and neighbors in Howard County.  We believe all residents of Howard County deserve respect, justice, safety, and opportunities to thrive and prosper.

TED talk on Immigration

At the US-Mexico border, policies of prolonged detention and family separation have made seeking asylum in the United States difficult and dangerous. In this raw and heartfelt talk, immigration attorney Erika Pinheiro offers a glimpse into her daily work on both sides of the border and shares some of the stories behind the statistics

Mission and Accomplishments

Make Howard County a safe and supportive environment for immigrants

Maryland Legislature Bills On Immigration

Please consider contacting your legislators to encourage them to vote in favor.

immigration news

Weekly immigration-related news items compiled by a team member

Help by Donating Children's Clothing 

Donate new or used children's pajamas for the National Mall Project

Understanding the Immigration Debate

Let's explore the complex issue of immigration together

7 Truths About Immigration

Facts about immigration by Robert Reich. Please spread the truth.


The aim of the Immigration Action Team is to make Howard County a safe and supportive environment for immigrants and refugees.  The team hopes to raise public awareness of immigrants’ and refugees’ rights and concerns in order to promote compassionate legislation.


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