Howard County Indivisible Postcard Brigade

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Mission: To elect representatives across the US who oppose Trumpism and commit to building a fairer and more compassionate democracy by writing postcards to voters in key races and using postcards to boost voter registration rates.

Postcard Brigade FAQs

We have three postcard pick-up locations. For details, contact Sharon (

No. You can stop by any of the locations anytime – the boxes remain outside, and are well stocked.

If you get them from one of our pick-up locations, they are 3.5 cents each. The postcards are bundled into packs of 50, so it’s $1.75/pack. 

Anywhere in the box on the porch at the pick-up location is fine.

At our pick-up locations, they are bundled in packs of 50 ($1.75/pack). You may buy as many packs as you need. You can get one pack each time you stop by, or you can stock up by buying several packs at a time. 

It’s best to get postcards that have one side entirely blank, with the graphic and address lines on the other side. This provides the maximum space possible for the message you will be writing. In addition, we prefer that you use postcards that have a voting-related message.

One of the pick-up locations usually has stamps available for purchase ($0.35/each), but they are not left in the box. If you want to buy some, please make arrangements with Sharon ( ahead of time, and she will put them in the box in an envelope with your name on it. From time to time, we have stamps at all three pick-up locations that have been generously donated by one of the brigadiers, so if that would help, please ask Sharon about their availability. You may also get stamps at or any post office.

You may write as many or as few as you are able, given the amount of time you want to spend on the activity. 

Contact for details about the current project.

Absolutely! We have brigadiers from several other counties in MD, as well as from a few other states. “The more, the merrier” definitely applies to this activity!

Yes! We have several such community/neighborhood groups already working together.

We welcome donations! Please use an envelope marked with “donation,” and drop it off in any of the boxes at the pick-up locations. 

No. To protect your privacy, only use your first name.

No. Some of us feel that it lends a personal touch to the postcard. Others think that it might turn off the recipient because the postcard isn’t coming from a local person, but the postmark is going to give that away, so it will be apparent anyway. It’s up to you whether to include your state when you sign the postcards.

No. The only personal info that goes on the postcards is your first name where you sign them. We do not use a return address.