Howard County Indivisible Postcard Brigade


Our Postcard Brigade has helped to get out the vote by writing postcards to voters in states and districts with important, competitive races all around the country. We have encouraged people to register and head to the polls. We have written to voters to get out and vote to protect reproductive freedoms, workers’ rights, and voting rights – and they did! There are active writing campaigns going on NOW and much to do in the year ahead. To find out how you can help, email us at:



Mission: To elect representatives across the US who oppose Trumpism and commit to building a fairer and more compassionate democracy by writing postcards to voters in key races to register voters and get out the vote.
We seek postcard campaigns across the country that are working on an issue we support, such as the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the August 2023 Ohio special election that would have made it more difficult to change the state’s constitution, and a candidate for state or national office.

Postcard Brigade FAQs

The Postcard Brigade Facilitators periodically send out a MailChimp email blast about a postcarding opportunity. Details about the campaign, message, deadline, and pickup location will be included in the email. Writers respond to the email blast with a request for the number of postcards they wish to write. Facilitators will get back to them with the names and addresses to write to. Writers pick up postcards, write, and mail!

Contact the Postcard Brigade Facilitators for details about the current project.

We have a couple postcard pick-up locations. For details, contact the Postcard Brigade Facilitators.


No. When there is a campaign, stop by any of the locations anytime – the boxes remain outside, and are well stocked.


If you get them from one of our pick-up locations, they are $2 for a batch of 25.


In the box on the porch at the pick-up location.

At our pick-up locations, they are bundled in packs of 25 ($2/pack). You may buy as many packs as you need. You can get one pack each time you stop by, or you can stock up by buying several packs at a time. 


We prefer that you use postcards that have a voting-related message. Some campaigns want a non-partisan message, so we usually have postcards that have simple messages such as “Vote”, “Your Vote Counts”, “Your Vote, Your Voice”, and “Your Vote Matters”.


Writers supply stamps for the cards they write. You may get stamps at or any post office. Eventually, stamps may be sold at pickup locations.

You may write as many or as few as you are able, given the amount of time you want to spend on the activity. 


  • Absolutely! We have brigadiers from several other counties in MD, as well as from a few other states. “The more, the merrier” definitely applies to this activity! Have them reach out to the facilitators.

Absolutely! We have brigadiers from several other counties in MD, as well as from a few other states. “The more, the merrier” definitely applies to this activity!

Yes! We have several such community/neighborhood groups already working together.

We welcome donations! Please use an envelope marked with “donation,” and drop it off in any of the boxes at the pick-up locations or reach out to the facilitators


No. To protect your privacy, only use your first name.

No. The campaigns we work with tell us how to sign the cards.


No. The only personal info that goes on the postcards is your first name where you sign them. We do not use a return address.


If you wish to contact the Postcard Brigade Team, please fill out the form below.

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