Red2Blue Action Team

Georgia Senate Races —  What you can do:

 As citizens who are actively engaged in our democracy, you know that our ability to take action on the COVID pandemic, the climate emergency, our crumbling democratic institutions, racism, and inequality will be much harder if Democrats lose the Georgia Senate run off.  So please donate to FairFight, the Stacey Abrams’ organization which helped flip Georgia blue on November 3 and which is working with grassroots groups to register even more voters and make sure they all turn out for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock on January 5!

If you want to do more, you can phonebank with SwingLeft.

How you can help

Our efforts to remove Trump from office have paid off and our enthusiastic team members made IndivisibleHoCoMD a key player in that effort.  But we’re not finished.  The Blue Wave we had hoped for in the Senate did not materialize and we have lots of work to do.  Elections for 2022 are just on the horizon and we are starting to formulate our strategy for how to overcome the lackluster performance in the PA down-ballot elections, as well as support the U.S. Senate and House races coming up in other states.

2022 will include local races for Governor, U.S. Senators, Howard County Executive and others.   Once we have formulated plans for these races, we’ll be looking for your help.  It’s our hope that we can return to in-person canvassing to increase our impact here and outside Maryland, and we’ll continue to use the outreach activities below as well

Make sure you are signed up for our weekly/biweekly updates for current news and feel free to contact our team facilitators Lynn Foehrkolb ( and Tara Carey (

Phone banking

We support both Vote by Mail (VBM) initiatives and specific candidates to increase voter turnout. Our target audiences are independent and Democrat voters. You make calls from the comfort of your own home using your computer and cell phone. We provide training, including a script, and ongoing support in the use of virtual automated dialer software.

Text banking

Text banking is an effective means of directly communicating with a lot of voters quickly, and a valuable method of communicating with those less receptive to answering their phones. As with phone banking, you send the texts from the comfort of your own home using your computer and cell phone. We provide training, including a script, and ongoing support in the use of text banking software.


We partner with particular campaigns or Democratic committees to learn what message they want to communicate, to whom, and why. We provide you with the text to write, a list of addresses (as many or as few as you’d like), and the target date for mailing. Themed postcards can be purchased through our Postcard Brigade (3.5 cents each) or you can use your own. You supply the stamps (35 cents), which can be purchased at or at a Post Office.