Red2Blue Action Team

Donald Trump is an existential threat to American democracy.  We are waging a fight for the soul of our nation amid an unprecedented global pandemic that has transformed conventional activism and requires our resourcefulness and flexibility.

Now through November, IndivisbleHoCoMD’s Red2Blue Action Team is focusing our energies to defeat Trump and his GOP enablers in 2020!

Read more about why the 2020 election is so important.

What we’re working on

We have three goals for the 2020 election: 


How you can help

Some of our team members are passionate about working on a specific campaign listed above. Others want to do a particular type of activity, like phone banking or postcarding, for any campaign that needs help. Either way, we’re happy to have you! Below are descriptions of the different activities. Most of our campaigns will need help with all of these at some point between now and November. View our calendar to see our planned activities.

Never done these before? Don’t worry! Instruction and support are available through Zoom gatherings and socially-distanced small sessions. Visit our Join Us page to get started!


Phone banking

We support both Vote by Mail (VBM) initiatives and specific candidates to increase voter turnout. Our target audiences are independent and Democrat voters. You make calls from the comfort of your own home using your computer and cell phone. We provide training, including a script, and ongoing support in the use of virtual automated dialer software.

Text banking

Text banking is an effective means of directly communicating with a lot of voters quickly, and a valuable method of communicating with those less receptive to answering their phones. As with phone banking, you send the texts from the comfort of your own home using your computer and cell phone. We provide training, including a script, and ongoing support in the use of text banking software.


We partner with particular campaigns or Democratic committees to learn what message they want to communicate, to whom, and why. We provide you with the text to write, a list of addresses (as many or as few as you’d like), and the target date for mailing. Themed postcards can be purchased through our Postcard Brigade (3.5 cents each) or you can use your own. You supply the stamps (35 cents), which can be purchased at or at a Post Office. After the primary elections, we received feedback that our postcards made a big difference in application requests for Vote by Mail and in overall turnout, and we want to have the same effect on the general election! Check out our list of frequently asked questions for more information.

Calendar of Election Squad Activities​

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To find events for a specific state, press Ctrl-f and then type the postal abbreviation for the state in the pop up search box.