Red2Blue Action Team

Elections have consequences. The mission of the Red2Blue team is to mobilize and apply the power of ordinary citizens to counterbalance the billionaires and corporations of the right and elect honest legislators who represent their constituents.

Our goals for 2020 are to:

  • Mobilize volunteers to:
    • Register Voters
    • Raise awareness of upcoming elections, issues, candidates
    • Get Out the Vote for primary elections
    • Connect volunteers to candidate campaigns (post-primary)
    • Elect Congressional candidates with progressive values to undo as much Trump damage as possible
    • Elect the Democratic Presidential Candidate (whoever they are)
  • Focus on PA because:
    • Electoral College casts votes according to top vote getter in each state
    • States have Electoral College votes equal to # of House and Senate Representatives
  • MD has 10
  • PA has 20
    • It takes 270 votes to win the Electoral College
  • Clinton needed 38 more EC votes to win in 20
  • Trump won PA by less than 1% of the vote
    • Democrats must take several swing states in 2020 to defeat Trump

Please see the calendar for upcoming events.

Resources and Updates

View the Election 2020/Why PA Presentation here

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