Join Red2Blue Team!

If you want to make a real difference this fall and help bring an end to this national nightmare by electing representatives who will stand up to injustice rather than enable it, who will serve their constituents rather than shadowy big-money donors, then join one of our squads!

First, check out the campaigns we’re working on. If there’s a particular one you want to support, great! All four Senate campaigns as well as the Pennsylvania campaigns are looking for people to phone-bank, text-bank, and write postcards. (If you haven’t yet experienced the gratification of phone banking or text banking, don’t worry! We will teach and support you through Zoom gatherings and socially-distanced small sessions.)

If you’re willing to fill in wherever there’s a need, that’s great too! We need people who can work on surge efforts for the different campaigns. When you contact us (information below), let us know if there’s a particular mode of outreach that you’d prefer.

If you want to help but don’t have lot of availability for phone banking or text banking (or if interaction with strangers — even socially distanced interaction — isn’t really your thing), consider our Postcard Brigade. You provide the postcards, we provide the message, and you can do them on your own schedule.

Once you’ve decided how you want to help, email the Red2Blue facilitators:

        Tara Carey (

        Lynn Foehrkolb (

They will formally welcome you to the Red2Blue Action Team and introduce you to your squad leader(s). The squad leaders will then reach out and get you started, including training and support for phone and text banking.