Indivisible Howard County MD Charter


To come together to fight the racism, xenophobia, authoritarianism, and corruption pushed by the Trump administration and its allies. We commit to:

    • Oppose Trump at the national level by pressuring our Members of Congress, following the lead of Indivisible MD and MoveOn
    • Oppose the Trump agenda at our state and local level [Howard County focus]
    • Provide mutual support and encouragement to sustain each other for the duration of this struggle


Indivisible HoCoMD will decide whether to advocate actions based on whether this action will be effective to

    1. Resist Trump’s agenda. We believe Trump’s agenda is racist, authoritarian, and corrupt, and it must be stopped.
    2. Focus on local, defensive advocacy. There will be a time for positive action, but at this time we need to fight to preserve what we have. We demand that our own local Members of Congress serve as our voice in Washington, DC. and that our state and county officials reflect our values.
    3. Embrace progressive values. We model inclusion, respect, fairness, and non-violence in all of our actions- when in doubt, ask WWMOD?


Indivisible HoCoMD believes one of the main reasons the country is currently under the near total control of an incompetent and ideologically extreme minority party is that not enough Americans feel comfortable or knowledgeable enough to take an active part in their own democracy. Accordingly, our strategy is to

    • Create a network of activists committed to opposing the Trump agenda which encourages all members to learn and grow as confident citizen activists. Primary approach is to give members the knowledge, skills, and confidence to act. If it becomes apparent that we are not drawing new people into activism but simply enrolling the same people who are already involved in other organizations, we will consider disbanding. Similarly, if this organization is not providing useful support to members, we will consider disbanding.
    • Identify or create concrete actions (phone calls, media pieces, town halls, etc.) which all members can participate in that put pressure on/ give leverage to our elected officials to oppose the Trump agenda.
    • Identify high impact opportunities for our members to help increase the number of elected officials who will oppose Trump, both in Maryland and in other states.
    • Provide community and support to help sustain our members in their activism for the long haul
    • Share information and resources and coordinate with other local organizations that share our goals and principles.