Winning Special Elections

Trump and his corrupt, racist enablers have power over us because they won elections.  To take power back, we need win more elections at all levels – national, state, and local.  The big election is 2020, but we don’t have to wait until then. There are special elections happening every month.  Special elections are often decided by a few hundred votes, so a little effort can have a big impact. The key is YOU.  Republicans may have more money, but we have the people.

Why Get Involved in Special Elections

Make a difference today
  • Turnout is usually very low, so even a little effort can have a big impact.​
  • Each win builds momentum​
  • Each win now is one less fight in 2020.​
  • The Koch brothers and the RNC are pouring huge amounts of money into these races so if we don’t help, these candidates could be swamped with outside money.

How You Can Help

Join the Postcard Brigade

Write postcards/text voters in key races and use postcards/texting to boost voter registration rates.

Phone Calls

You will be calling strong Democrats to make sure they know about the special elections

Canvass (Door-knocking)

The most effective way to change hearts and minds is one conversation at a time


Campaigning is expensive, and every dollar helps!

Help! The Postcard Brigade is getting requests from great campaigns around the country every week and we need more writers! Email and ask to join the Postcard Brigade.

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