Rapid Response Plan for National Emergency Declaration

In the Age of Trump, we have to be ready to defend our democracy at a moment’s notice.  This is why MoveOn, Indivisible, and other resistance organizations are asking us to be ready if they call for immediate protests in response to a situation that is a direct threat to democracy by the current administration. At present, the two most likely scenarios are

  1. a direct attack by the White House on the Mueller investigation (more information)

  2. Trump declares a National Emergency in defiance of Congress and the Constitution in order to build his wall (more information)

You can sign up at MoveOn.org for notification of a rapid response, or your team leaders will notify team members of a pending action.

If a Rapid Response is called: IndivisibleHoCoMD will meet at the sidewalk in front of Whole Foods on Little Patuxent Parkway. Bring your signs and dress for the weather. Protesters must stay on the public sidewalk.