Larry Hogan is not Your Friend

Maryland’s working families, and our friends and neighbors across the country, deserve a Senator that works for them, who will root out special interests and fight for our democracy, and certainly not one that will caucus with extremist politicians.. Senate candidate Larry Hogan talks a good game about being reasonable and sensible, but his actions tell a different story: the story of an insider politician who always puts profit over people. Despite his claims that he governed like a moderate, his record on the topics that matter to our communities suggest that he would legislate like any other MAGA politician if given the opportunity — we cannot afford to give him the power to do so. 

  • Larry Hogan referred to our states’ incredible teachers and their union representation as “thugs.” 
  • Larry Hogan tried to block a law that would have helped fund new reproductive care clinics in parts of the state that didn’t have access to clinics, as well as in areas where folks in neighboring states with abortion bans could access healthcare. This is an insult to the work of countless Maryland advocates and healthcare practitioners.
  • Larry Hogan denied 3.5 million dollars in funding to train new abortion providers in Maryland. He made demeaning comments about the nurses, midwives, and providers that save lives daily in our communities, all while supporting anti-abortion politicians running for office elsewhere. At best, his stance on reproductive healthcare is waffling and subject to the issue of the day. At worst, it’s dangerous. Much like the Supreme Court justices who banned abortion stated on the Senate floor, he hides behind the language of “settled law” to avoid speaking his true feelings on the subject. 
  • Larry Hogan tried to block funding for affordable prescription drugs in Maryland.
  • Larry Hogan canceled new, effective public transit that would have given thousands of working Marylanders access to universities, jobs, and schools.
  • Larry Hogan supported multiple efforts to make voting harder for Maryland voters. 

The true “sensible” folks in Maryland, the teachers, librarians, and legislators that represent us have spent the time after Hogan’s tenure as our Governor trying to reverse the damage he did to our state. Because of their tireless work, Maryland finally has enshrined the right to reproductive care into law, passed legislation to protect our librarians from extremist attacks, and we are just getting started. Electing someone who stood by while the most vulnerable Marylanders came under attack would put every single thing we have fought so hard to protect at risk. Every voter in Maryland deserves to know the truth about who Hogan truly is, and every voter should be presented with a truly reasonable alternative come November.

We can all agree that we want a peaceful, prosperous, and welcoming state for ourselves, our families, our friends, and our neighbors. Larry Hogan will not represent these values in the Senate – he will continue to support shady special interest groups and big money, and he will fight to stop the things that matter to us here in Maryland. We can’t let this happen! Please join HoCoMD in stopping Larry Hogan. We need your help to inform voters like you about the very real risks of giving this man power in the Senate!

A MD Republican Senate seat would give more power to the GOP and MAGA!

Join our elections team to stop GOP candidates like Larry Hogan here. We cannot afford to lose the Senate, and we cannot afford to leave the fate of millions of people in Maryland – and America as a whole – to chance.