• June 2018 Primary Election – Led a voter registration/get out the vote effort in partnership with other Howard County community service groups.  In our targeted precinct, achieved an increase in voter turnout from 14.60% in the 2014 Mid-term election to 33.06% in the 2018 Mid-term election.  The Howard County turn-out improved by 2.72 percentage points, so our efforts caused an increase of 18.46 percentage points.
      • November 2018 General Election – IndivisibleHoCoMD members volunteered to support candidate campaigns at the local, state and federal level for Howard County representation.   Democrats replaced Republicans at the county and state levels, and Democrat incumbents were re-elected at the federal level. Red2Blue counts the 2018 election results as a major success.
      • Candidates for Office – IndivisibleHoCoMD members ran for the county Democrat Central Committee, County Council, and State Senate.  Three of five candidates won office at the county and state level, and 2 members won positions on the Democrat Central Committee.