Energy and Transportation Team Goals for 2019

  1. The early focus will be on the Maryland legislature, specifically supporting the Clean Energy Jobs Act of 2019 to increase renewable energy usage in the state to 50% by 2030.   We will also support other related legislation to address slowing the building of new fossil fuel infrastructure, transitioning to an electrified transportation system, and jobs for economically disadvantaged areas.
  2. Work with the Howard County Council to advance the goals as laid out in the Transition Team Environmental Report
  3. Continue to elevate citizen actions that will prevent the current administration from gutting the original intent of the EPA, DOE and Dept of Interior as relates to climate change
  4. Track national climate change legislation such as Green New Deal and EV tax credit extension and advise IndivisibleHoCoMD members on effective actions
  5. Support pro-environmental candidates in special elections, and in neighboring state legislatures (VA/NJ)
  6. Direct action such as marches and demonstrations
  7. Quarterly education events as we have bandwidth