Defend Democracy Planned Actions

1. Continue to track and support important legislation at the federal,
state and county levels, including – but not limited to-:

HR1: For the People Act
HR4: Voting Rights Amendment Act

SB10/HB103: General Assembly – Special Elections to Fill Vacancy in Office
HB245: Institutions of Higher Learning – Voter Registration and Voting by Students
SB372/HB568: Election Law – Correctional Facilities – Voter Registration and Voting

HB37/SB145: References to Absentee Voting in Communications – Mail-in Voting
HB392/HB198: Election Law – Security of Election Systems and Online Campaign Material – Use of Deep-fakes

Ho. Co 22-20: Public campaign financing of the HoCo Board of Education

Actions include:
1. Lobbying legislators, attending/testifying at hearings, organizing rallies, etc.
2. Developing and publishing educational materials on issues such as: voters rights, election laws, election security, campaign finance, etc, on the Indivisible HoCo website.
3. Organizing educational sessions on the same issues
4. Participating in voter registration drives
5. Working closely with other grassroots organizations where
appropriate, including other Indivisible HoCo teams, the Maryland Legislative Coalition, Common Cause, the League of Women Voters, ACLU-MD, etc.