Policy on Support to Candidates for Elected Offices  Red2Blue Action Team  

The Red2Blue Action Team is a crosscutting action team that includes members from IndivisibleHoCoMD, EC Huddle, Do The Most Good, Together We Will, Swing Left and the HoCo Democratic Party.  As we prepare for the 2018 elections in Maryland, we need guidance on whether or not to endorse individual candidates. The following principles will guide decision-making for specific activities:

1.         Red2Blue will support Democrats or Independents with Democratic views, given that our overarching goal is to resist Trump’s agenda.  Electing as many Democrats to federal, state and local positions is key to defeating the Trump agenda and supporting liberal inclusive goals.

2.         As a basic principle, where there are primary elections, Red2Blue will not endorse candidates.  We will list the names of all candidates and websites, but NOT list links to campaign events or to sign-up for support activities.

3.         After the primary election, or where there is only ONE Democratic candidate, Red2Blue may support Democratic or independent candidates whose views are consistent with the views of our member groups.  This support may include listing campaign information and volunteer opportunities in our web pages, newsletters, and other communications.

4.         In rare cases, Red2Blue may get involved before the primary election.  This might include: providing voters with information to level the playing field, supporting a debate, helping to articulate the finer points / voting records on candidates’ positions, or raising alarms about primary candidates with a pro-Trump agenda.  The member group’s leaders in consultation with the Indivisible Facilitators Group will make such choices on a case-by-case basis.

5.         Red2Blue is a volunteer-based organization whose efforts aligns with volunteers’ time and passion.  The level of activity will vary with the degree of time that member-volunteers are able to invest.

6.         Any Democratic or independent candidate whose views are consistent with the views of the member groups may be a member of Red2Blue.

7.         Red2Blue members are all free to speak as individuals and support primary candidates.

September 17, 2017