IndivisibleHoCoMD is a participatory network combining Indivisible tactics and Move On action teams

IndivisibleHoCoMD is an all-volunteer organization.   We do not do fund-raising, but, for events sponsored by IndivisibleHoCOMD,  may request donations to cover the costs of room rental and printing.

Indivisible tactics – Following the indivisibleGuide, we recognize that nothing happens unless Members of Congress or other elected officials take action; elected officials care first and foremost about being re-elected.  Therefore, by coordinating our message and putting continuous pressure on the representatives that WE CAN VOTE FOR, we can have an impact on which agenda is implemented – the Trump administration’s agenda or a just, equitable, and compassionate agenda.

Action team structure – We recognize that we can’t all do everything.  This administration is a disaster across the board and if we all try to keep on top of all the important issues we will burn out.  Therefore we encourage members to form Action Teams around what they care most about and take responsibility for planning effective actions that the rest of us can take to pressure our elected representatives.  This includes informing the rest of us about opportunities for action created by other groups (we don’t want to duplicate effort) and creating new opportunities for action (alerting us to when to call who about a bill, organizing a town hall or phone bank) that we and other progressive Howard County groups can take.  The facilitators of all the Action Teams meet regularly to share information and decide organizational questions.  Members can join an Action Team by filling out our Action Team membership form.

Participatory – IndivisibleHoCoMD does not have a steering committee.  The organization exists to support the members, primarily through Action Teams, which decide what needs to be done and to make it happen.  Action Teams are created when a member steps forward to be a facilitator for that issue, provided the issue fits within the mission.   Action Teams propose actions which are communicated to the membership via email updates, the website, and Facebook.  It is up to individual members to decide which actions they will carry out.  People who do not have time to join an Action Team are welcome as members and can share ideas and suggestions through Facebook or through our contact form.


Communication structure

  • Email updates – These are sent 2-3 times a week to all members and contain 2-5 concrete actions that members can take that are likely to have an impact.
  • Website – Members can access information about IndivisibleHoCoMD, Action Team Activities, and resources for learning about the issues and taking action
  • Internal Facebook – Members have access to a private Facebook site where they can share articles, photos, etc. with each other.
  • In person meetings – held on an as-needed basis.
  • Member polls – These will be conducted about once a month to assess whether indivisibleHoCoMD is meeting the needs of the members and get suggestions for how to improve.