Immigration News

FiveThirtyEight – 12/6/18 – The “wall” Trump built: it’s a barrier of U.S. immigration policies erected mainly though presidential executive orders. Trump’s wall shows up in the data: fewer refugees, especially fewer Muslim refugees, admitted to the USA; ICE arrests up; and children in detention way up.

This comprehensive report on U.S. immigration detention relies on the latest USG data, from FY-15. Among the findings: detention in privately operated facilities in remote locations was common. Immigrants were detained longer in these facilities, and grievances were higher in them.

Congressional Democrats say no border wall funding for Trump. Senator Leahy: “He’s asking the taxpayers to give him money . . . for something when he gave his solemn word that taxpayers wouldn’t have to pay, the Mexicans would pay, and has threatened to shut down the government in I guess an attempt to bail out the Mexicans from his promise. It doesn’t make much sense.

Southwest Key Programs is a “nonprofit” empire that through USG contracts ($626 million in the last year) shelters more migrant children than any other company. The nonprofit has grown rapidly under Trump, tripling its revenues in the last three years, with little oversight and reported financial and management irregularities. Chief exec Juan Sanchez made $1.5 million last year.

Immigration hardliner Jeff Sessions is gone, but Trump’s nominee for his successor as Attorney General, William Barr, has a track record as an immigration hawk who, like Trump, often connects immigrants and violent crime. Do not expect U.S. immigration policy to become more sensible under Barr’s Justice Department.

Brookings researchers put together six useful charts on the U.S. immigrant population for the BBC. Did you know, for example, that the children of two foreign-born parents in the USA are less likely to get a high school degree than the children of native-born American parents but more likely to obtain a graduate degree?

Fact sheet on illegal immigration in USA.

This is an excellent, three-minute video that delineates the racist roots of U.S. immigration laws.