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“The use of migrant families and asylum seekers as political punching bags is a despicable act of racism and xenophobia that is antithetical to our basic human values. This is an immoral and unconscionable act by a president and an administration hellbent on dividing our country, and, as New York’s top law enforcement officer, I can assure New Yorkers we will do everything in our power to fight back against these inhumane policies.”
New York Attorney General Letitia James on Trump’s plan for mass deportations of families.

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The game of Getting Legal: why you can’t just ‘get in line’ for citizenship if you’re undocumented.

A succinct and highly informative infographic on the U.S. immigration process.

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“Alone: A snapshot of family separation through the eyes of a child.”

This four-minute video from the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service shows what it feels like to be separated from your parents and placed in foster care