Healthcare Actions

Two very important health care bills are up for a vote this year in the Maryland Senate and House legislature.  We need as many people as possible to contact their respective senator and house representative to solicit support for this bills.  We don’t have the actual date that the bills will be voted on however we do know that it will happen before the end of this year’s session… April 9th.


Health Care For All gave us an easy tool to use to spread the message.  Below is a summary of the bills with a link to your respective Maryland senator/representative.  The link asks your respective representatives to support these bills.  It’s very user friendly… all you have to do is fill in your address and hit submit. Feel free to change the text message to align with your writing style.  I would appreciate it if each of you could do three (3) things:

  1. Click on the link and lobby your representatives to support the bills
  2. Cut and paste the information and forward it via email to all of your progressive friends who live in Maryland. Optional Action: Call your representatives in addition to sending the email
  3. Cut and paste the information and post it on your social media outlets… facebook, twitter, etc.

Thanks for your help!!!


Drug Cost Transparency and Commission

SB 1023/HB1194

Marylanders suffer when the drugs they need are too expensive. We have a chance to pass a state law that would require more transparency in drug pricing and establish fair costs for expensive treatments. Please contact your elected official to urge them to support SB 1023 and HB 1194 to create the Drug Cost Commission and oppose any weakening amendments from the drug industry.  Click here to send an email to your legislators and see their phone numbers.

The Protect Maryland Health Care Act

SB 1011/HB 1167

This bill will protect Maryland residents who already buy their own insurance—real estate agents, farmers, carpenters, child care workers, sales men and women, and others—from skyrocketing insurance costs that would otherwise result from federal attacks on health care. The way it would work is at tax time, those who did not have quality health coverage in the past year would have the option to either pay a fine or use the fine money to purchase quality health coverage. Thanks to subsidies, about 60,000 Marylanders could get coverage at no additional cost. Junk short-term plans would not count to avoid the fine.  Hardship exemptions to avoid the fine would be easier to obtain for those who truly cannot afford quality health coverage. Please contact your elected official to urge them to support SB1011 and HB1167.  Click here to send an email to your legislators and see their phone numbers: