Protest Family Separations

So far the Trump Administration has returned 364 of 2,500+ children to their parents. The protests against family separation will occur every Friday evening through August. Or until the Trump administration reunites all children and families.

When: every Friday 4-7pm  

Where: Gorman Rd overpass over Rt. 95 

Our protest was recently mentioned in Baltimore Sun.

National Indivisible organization published “A Practical Guide for Winning Elections“, which offers a “step-by-step tips and resources on how to use that same people power that resisted the Trump Agenda to win elections through volunteer voter contact all across the country”.

The data in recent Pew Research Survey is clear: Those who didn’t vote are as responsible for the outcome of the election as those who did. …an increased turnout of under-30 voters in, say, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan could easily have changed the results of the history.

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