Maryland Primary Election Information

The Maryland All-Mail Presidential Primary Election is coming up on Tuesday, June 2. We know you’ll want to cast your ballot! In order to be ready for Election Day. Your election official is conducting this election by mail. They will mail a ballot to every active eligible voter a few weeks before the election. Keep an eye on the mailbox!

Please check your registration status at to make sure you’re registered and your information is correct. If you can’t find your voter registration record and you believe you completed the voter registration process, please contact your local election official at for assistance.

In order to register to Vote by Mail in this election, your registration form must be postmarked by Wednesday, May 27. Online registration is available, but also must be completed by Wednesday, May 27.

If you still need to register, you can do so wherever you vote on Election Day.

Am I eligible to vote in the presidential primary?

Maryland holds closed presidential primary elections, which means only registered members
of a party may vote in that party’s primary. Unaffiliated and Independent voters are excluded from participating in the party nomination contests, but can vote for nonpartisan issues/contests on the ballot. Contact your local election official to learn more.

If you need your ballot sent to an address other than your registration address, please contact your local election official at for next steps.