Action Teams meet every 1-2 weeks, depending on how active their issue is.

Any member can propose an Action Team to work on a topic they care most about, provided the issue fits within the mission.

Action Teams begin by educating themselves about their topic, the important legislation or other policy opportunities, the position of our elected officials, and what other groups are doing. Then, they develop concrete actions that will be sent to all of our members. It is up to individual members to decide which actions they will carry out.

Actions may include:

  •   Calling an elected official and expressing an opinion on pending legislation.
  •   Meeting with elected officials
  •   Phone-banking events and town halls
  •   Attending a rally, march, or hearing
  •   Other actions — use your imagination!
Action Team Roles

Each Action Team’s facilitator sets the agenda, writes minutes, and keeps the team focused and moving toward the goal of creating and implementing actions that will affect whether laws are passed, executive orders take effect, and progressive candidates get elected.

Action Team members contribute ideas and take on specific tasks. Members don’t need any specific expertise, just passion for the Action Team’s mission.