Board of Education Endorsements

After careful consideration, the Education Action Team is endorsing Bob Glascock, Jen Mallo, and Sabina Taj

Bob Glascock worked directly in the Howard County Public School System for more than 30 years including as an Educator and Assistant Superintendent.  As a champion of educational equity, he created the Department of Family and Community Services.

Jen Mallo has been involved with the HCPSS for over 20 years including as a community advocate, school volunteer, and serving on the HCPSS’s Community Advisory Council with two years as chairperson. Her focus is on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Sabina Taj is an adjunct professor at Howard Community College instructing future school teachers. She has been a public school advocate including serving on the Board of Education’s Operating Budget Review Committee. Diversity and equity are at the core of her vision for  HCPSS.


Vote YES on Question 1


A Ballot Referendum to increase funding
to Maryland Public Schools


QUESTION 1 IS A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT that will appear on the Maryland statewide ballot on November 6.  A vote FOR Question 1 means that the revenues from casino gambling will, by law, be used to increase the state’s education budget.