Postcard Brigade Process

1-3 volunteer Brigadiers are responsible for running a group.  The Brigade will meet in person annually in December to review how things are going.

  1. The Brigadier identifies writing opportunities and alerts Brigade by email.
  2. Each Brigade member lets the Brigadier know how many addresses they want.  Members also have the option of getting addresses directly from PostcardsToVoter campaigns.
  3. The Brigadier emails a list of addresses plus instructions to the member.  Brigade members are responsible for postcards, stamps, and mailing.

Brigade members are encouraged to invite friends and neighbors over for in-person writing parties!

Some campaigns require postcards to be collected and mailed either by the campaign or from a specific location. For these situations, a Brigadier will prepare envelopes with lists of addresses plus instructions and cards for members and put them in the Dropbox. 

Members will drop envelopes with completed cards in the Dropbox and the Brigadier will get them where they need to go.

Members can buy their own postcards or buy them from a Brigadier at cost by telling the Brigadier how many they want and leaving payment in the Dropbox when they pick up the cards.

  • VOTE” cards are printed by a locally owned printer and ordered in conjunction with B’More Indivisible for 3.5 cents each. 
  • “Your Vote is Your Voice” and “We the People” cards are printed at home for 5 cents each.

Email and ask to join the Postcard Brigade.