Local Candidates on Immigration

Craig Wolf (R), running for State Attorney General

QUESTION: The Maryland legislature has given the Attorney General the power, independent of            the Governor, to bring suits against the federal government. Is this a wise policy? Do you favor this level of independence for the Attorney General?

WOLF: I believe the Attorney General should be independent from the Governor but should also partner with him whenever possible, and appropriate.  That power, however, should not be used to settle political or policy disputes as it is currently being utilized.

That power should be used only where:

  • There is a compelling state interest that can only be served by utilization of that authority.
  • There is a likelihood of success on the merits given the laws/regulations/issues involved and the legal history of that jurisprudence in the relevant court(s).
  • There are sufficient resources available given the budget of the office and the other important priorities of the state and the office.

It should not be used where Attorneys General from other states are already waging a similar lawsuit that would serve to simultaneously protect Maryland’s interests.

QUESTION: If elected, can you give some examples of how you might use this power?

See above for the decision-making criteria. 

Examples: to protect the bay from upstream pollution by other states or to defend a state interest that is infringed by an ultra vires act of the federal government.

QUESTION: Many immigrants in Maryland are intimidated by the Trump administration crackdown on undocumented immigrants and, consequently, reluctant to deal with governmental authorities, especially the police, even to report crimes. What can the state can do to alleviate these fears and encourage all residents of Maryland to report crimes and cooperate with police?

Those who are here illegally will be more likely to report their victimization and testify if they are assured that, upon conviction and completion of sentence, the perpetrator who is in this country illegally will be removed from the country, making it more difficult for that perpetrator to return to the local community and re-engage in the same conduct.  

Those here illegally, but who are not committing criminal offenses would not be targeted by my office, nor would their status be reported to the federal authorities should they become witnesses to crimes, report them and testify.  My focus is on those who are here illegally and commit crimes against others/the state.