Do you think all Howard County departments should have a written, public policy on staff interactions with immigrants? If so, which languages would be your first priority for translating the documents?

Yes, all Howard County departments should have a written, public policy on staff interactions with immigrants. I would have priority in languages that are spoken by the highest percentage of Howard County citizens first, but eventually I would love to see a translation for any and every language that is spoken in Howard County.


Under what circumstances should HoCo police or the sheriff’s department cooperate with ICE?

The only situation wherein the Howard County Police Department or the Howard County Sheriff’s Office should cooperate with ICE is when it is required by law.


Would you like to see CB-9 (the Howard County “sanctuary” bill) come before the County Council again after the next election?

I believe that a “sanctuary” bill should come before that County Council again after the upcoming election. Recall, that the bill did pass 3-2, but was vetoed by the County Executive. I would also like to note that the County Executive promised to veto such a bill (if passed) before hearing any public testimonies.  This is one of the reason Howard County needs a new County Executive, one that would support all Howard County citizens.  So yes, a “sanctuary” bill should come before the Council again; it passed last time, it would pass again, and with a new County Executive, it would not get vetoed, especially before hearing from the public.


Should the County Council pass a measure prohibiting HoCo from entering into 287(g) agreements with ICE?

The County Council should pass a measure prohibiting Howard County from entering into 287(g) agreements, or any agreements for that matter, with ICE. The amazing men and women how serve Howard County should not be burdened with federal mandates.


What could be done to improve HoCo services to immigrants?

There are so many ways for us to improve services to immigrants; all of which stem from education and awareness, increasing funding to associated organizations, and continuing to engage in (and increase wherever possible) community relations.