Economic Equity Team

Team Mission and Goals

The rise of Trump can be linked directly to the decay in the political process and the rise of economic inequality. Instead of serving voters, politicians have performed the bidding of special interests and rigged the economy to serve a chosen few rather than benefit everyone.  As a result, people have lost faith in government and disengaged at all levels. 
The Economic Equity action team will work to enact policies and laws that restore fairness to economic transactions and build a local, state, and national economy that works for all people.

Provided group testimony on two State bills:

•Digital Connectivity Act of 2021 (HB97/SB66) – passed
•Maryland Essential Workers Act (HB581/SB486) – passed

Provided group testimony on local bills:

•Fiscal Impact Analysis (CB4) – failed
•Rezone Corridor Activity Center (CB8) – passed
•Amending Landlord-Tenant Relations (CB14) – passed
•Requiring MIHU’s at Transit Oriented Development (CB22) – passed
•Property Tax Credits for Seniors (CB23) – passed
Prohibit Piecemeal Zoning and Contributions Disclosure (CB24) – failed

Local Level:

•Webinars and town halls on land use and zoning issues
•Continue to testify on council bills that affect economic equity
•Develop technical competence of Economic Equity Team in the understanding of zoning and land-use issues
•Broaden partnerships and coalitions for collective action on such issues

State Level:

•Support existing efforts at the state level for legislative actions to improve equity
•Deliver written and oral testimony at the state legislature
•Sponsor webinars and townhalls on issues affecting equity

National Level:

•Direct focus to congressional representatives to influence national bills
•Sponsor webinars and townhalls on issues affecting equity
Please contact Hiruy Hadgu at if you are interested in joining this action team.

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