Economic Equity Team

Team Mission and Goals

The rise of Trump can be linked directly to the decay in the political process and the rise of economic inequality. Instead of serving voters, politicians have performed the bidding of special interests and rigged the economy to serve a chosen few rather than benefit everyone.  As a result, people have lost faith in government and disengaged at all levels. 
The Economic Equity action team will work to enact policies and laws that restore fairness to economic transactions and build a local, state, and national economy that works for all people.
  • Initially the team plans to focus on three issues: 
1) Ensuring that zoning laws and land-use policies in Howard County are fair and benefit all Howard County residents.  This includes opposing zoning laws that favor developers over residents, tax increment financing and tax breaks that benefit special interests and shortchange community needs, and affordable housing exemptions that hurt the poor.
2) Giving value to work by supporting state level Fight for Fifteen legislation, in cooperation with Our Revolution Howard County.
3) Fighting the concentration of economic and political power that is undermining our democracy by supporting consumer protection and antimonopoly legislation at the national level.
Please contact Hiruy Hadgu at if you are interested in joining this action team.

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