Are you thinking about joining IndivisibleHoCoMD?  Great!  We need new members as there is so much to do.   But before you sign up, you are probably wondering what membership entails and what is expected of our members.

Our membership is largely defined by the interests and availability of each member.  Members who have the time and interest are encouraged to join one of the Action Teams: Health, Immigration, Environment, Red2Blue, Voting Rights, Corruption/Conflict of Interest, Education, and Aging and Disabilities.  Action Team goals and activities along with contact information are available here.  Most action teams meet every couple of weeks to share research about their issue and identify how best we can bring about the change we want to see.  They then come up with “Actions” that the entire membership can participate in.   Actions may be phone calls to our elected officials about (with names, phone numbers, and talking points to make it easy), rallies, lobbying events, opportunities to get involved in campaigns, etc.  Members don’t need any specific expertise, just passion for the Action Team’s mission. 

All members, whether they are in Action Teams or not, receive an “Update”  email once a week with the actions that have been identified by either our Action Teams or the national Indivisible organization, so you can have confidence that your effort will be timely, meaningful, and appropriate to Howard County.  Our email updates also include information on events sponsored by local progressive groups.

We hope you join and participate in any way that you can!