Are you thinking about joining IndivisibleHoCoMD?  Great!  We need new members as there is so much to do.   But before you sign up,  you are probably wondering what membership entails  and what is expected of our members.

Our membership is largely defined by the interests and availability of each member.  Members are invited to our occasional “members meetings,”  to town halls which we sponsor, and to canvassing events.  We plan to offer training and informational talks to our members.   Members are also informed of relevant events in the area, such as rallies and lectures, sponsored by other progressive groups.   All members are welcome to attend any events that suit their interests  and their personal schedules.  For members who cannot attend our events, we usually send out meeting minutes and do our best to live-stream our town halls.

Our members receive a “Today’s Action Items”  email 2 or 3 times a week.  These emails include details of specific  actions for our members.  Such actions are usually phone calls to our elected officials about timely events on  the national, state, and/or local level.  We provide names, phone numbers, and talking points.  Our emails will also include information on events sponsored by local progressive groups.

If members wish to become more involved, they are welcome to join one of our Action Teams.  Action Team goals and activities along with contact information are available here.  Most action teams have bi-weekly meetings.  While members are not expected to have any specific expertise, they should be committed to the Action Team’s mission.

Even if you only read your regular “Today’s Action Item” emails, you will be a more informed member of the community and will be able speak knowledgeably with your co-workers, neighbors, and family about the important, fast-moving, and far-reaching activities of the Trump/Pence administration.

We hope you join and participate in any way that you can.