Help Flip Seats Now!

We are all working to build towards a blue wave election in November.  But did you know that there are opportunities to pick up seats in special elections before then?  


  1. Turnout is usually very low, so even a little effort can have a big impact.

  2. Each win builds momentum (think Alabama).

  3. Each win now is one less fight in November.

  4. The Koch brothers and the RNC are pouring huge amounts of money into these races, so if we don’t help, these candidates could be swamped with outside money.

This page will keep an up to date list of a small number of special elections that SisterDistrict, Flippable and Swing Left have picked out as potentially flippable (or important holds).  


  1. Donate.  Even $5 adds up, especially if you forward the information to your networks

  2. Postcards

  3. Phone banking

  4. Canvassing (if the race isn’t too far away or if you want a vacation).



March 13, PA-18   WE WON!!!!!!

Democrat Conor Lamb won by 627 votes over his anti-worker, anti-public education, pro-gun opponent.

This victory belongs to all of you! Working as part of an effort coordinated by PA Together, we helped call more than 23,000 people, 188,000 handwritten postcards, sent well over 100,000 texts, and traveled from far and wide to knock on thousands of doors. While the GOP poured more than $10 million into the race, we stood shoulder to shoulder with the many PA18 grassroots groups, unions, and ordinary citizens to talk to voters about what matters most to them – and we won!



March 20, Marie Newman, Illinois Congressional District 3 (primary)

Marie Newman is the true progressive running in the IL-3 district race. She supports women’s rights, immigrant rights, and LGBTQ rights, all areas where her opponent, incumbent Congressman Dan Lipinski can’t be bothered to represent his constituents. He wants to make abortion illegal in cases of rape and incest and wants to outlaw the most commonly used forms of prescription birth control. He voted for the wall. He voted against DACA recipients in 2010. He voted against the Affordable Healthcare Act. The primary is a week away – we can win this. To call voters in IL-3, email

April 24, Shelley Mayer, NY State Senate

Shelley Mayer is a New York Assemblywoman, Shelley has fought for progress for Westchester residents and has a proven track record of securing funding for schools, defending women’s rights, and leading the way on commonsense gun safety reforms. Her April election could determine control of the New York Senate.

May 15, Helen Tai, PA House District 178

The daughter of immigrants, Helen is passionate about making our country fairer. Pennsylvania’s gerrymandering has given the GOP 3+ unearned seats in Congress—but Helen is out to change that. Check out her website at



If you want to learn more about special elections, Flippable has a list of all Special Elections here