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Build the Blue Wave!

Even though Trump is not on the ballot, he really is.  This November we will either make this a wave election that washes away the Trump enablers and protectors, and puts people in place at the national level who will say NO to his corruption, misogyny, and racism – or his power will continue to grow, unchecked.  What can you do?


Volunteers from Maryland played an important part in flipping 17 state seats in Virginia last fall.  Republicans may have more money, but we have the people.


1) canvass (doorknocking), 2) postcards, 3) phonecalls, 4) donate.

Canvassing in person is the most effective, so please try to find time.  You can ask to be paired with an experienced canvasser if you’ve never done it before.  If that is simply not an option, handwritten postcards are another way to reach registered Democrats to raise awareness and remind them to vote.  Email if you want to help.  Phone banking is another option, and now you can do it from home whenever you have time.  And you can donate through campaign websites – every dollar helps!


Pennsylvania 1 (PA-1)

The Baltimore SisterDistrict crew (which organized the spectacularly effective efforts in Virginia last year) is focusing on Bucks County in southeastern Pennsylvania as the most effective way to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in Pennsylvania because:

  1. Bucks County is in Pennsylvania’s new First Congressional District. PA-1 is currently represented by a Republican, Bryan Fitzpatrick, but Clinton narrowly won this district by 2 points in 2016. This is a district we can flip, but it won’t be easy.
  2. There are many competitive state legislative districts entirely within PA-1. These include six potentially flippable state legislative districts that are currently represented by Republicans, but that Clinton either won or narrowly lost, and the State House district where Helen Tai recently won a special election by just 96 votes.
  3. PA-1 is relatively close to central Maryland. The southern part of the district (Lower Bucks) is about a two hour drive from Baltimore, so it’s feasible for us to canvass there.
  4. Pennsylvania has important statewide races this year. All the work we do on behalf of congressional and state legislative candidates in Pennsylvania will benefit up-ballot candidates for statewide office: incumbent Democratic Governor Tom Wolf and incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey. It is critical that Democrats hold both of these seats. The gubernatorial race has important implications for redistricting following the 2020 Census and Democrats must hold on to Bob Casey’s seat if they have any chance of taking control of the Senate and stopping Trump from packing the courts with right-wing judges

If you’d like to canvass for Scott Wallace (Democratic candidate for US House in PA-1) and Tina Davis (Democratic candidate for PA State Senate) any weekend in August, please sign up here.  There will be a big group canvass for Scott, Tina, and Helen Tai on Saturday, August 11. It’ll be a joint canvass, who won her May special election for State Representative by only 96 votes. Canvassing will continue all fall, so check the IndivisibleHoCoMD events calendar (link).

If you can’t make the drive, email Alexandra Neuhaus-Follini ( ) about phone banking or email to be part of an effort to write 8,000 postcards for PA-1.  You can donate through Scott, Tina, or Helen’s websites.

Pennsylvania (PA-10)

Our sister Indivisible, Capital Region Indivisible, is organizing weekly canvasses for Democrat George Scott (, who is running to flip a Congressional seat just across the border from Maryland (90 minute drive).  The most effective way to change hearts and minds is one conversation at a time. Never canvassed before? Don’t worry- they will send you out with an experienced canvasser so that you can learn the ropes. These canvasses will be happening weekly.

Sign up here:

Contact Alissa 570-259-6105 for more information.

Virginia (VA-10)

Virginia’s 10th Congressional District is only an hour’s drive from Howard County, and is one of the top 10 House races to watch in 2018, according to Politico.  Incumbent Rep. Barbara Comstock (R) will face state Sen. Jennifer Wexton (D) in the general election for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District—a swing district that simultaneously backed Hillary Clinton (D) by 10 points in the 2016 presidential election and re-elected Comstock.   SwingLeft has canvassing and phone-banking EVERY WEEKEND! Check out their calendar and sign up to flip this seat!

Other National Races

The Indivisible Guide will be running phone banks to contact progressive voters and get them to the polls in key states.  Sign up here to make calls from your own home.

Also, here is a list of the top 15 Senate races – if you have friends or family in any of these states, make sure they are doing everything they can to win these races!



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Bill Nelson


Joe Donnelly


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