Flipping PA-1 from Red to Blue.

Who: Sister District Maryland, Indivisible Baltimore, and local Swing Left groups.

What: Flipping PA-1 and overlapping state legislative districts from red to blue by
cavassing , phone banking, writing postcards, and text banking.

Where: Bucks County, PA (a 2-2.5 hour drive from central Maryland), but you can help
without leaving Maryland.

When: From now till Election Day (November 6).

Why: We are working in PA-1 because every door we knock and every call we make
there will help Democrats win critical races up and down the ballot. PA-1 is the closest
competitive Congressions district in Pennsylvania. The seat is currently held by
Republican Brian Fitzpatrick, but Clinton won the district by two points. Pennsyvania
also has two important statewide races in 2018. Democratic Governor Tom Wolf is
running for reelection and the outcome of his race will have important implications for
redistricting after the 2020 Census. And Democratic Senator Bob Casey must win his
reelection bid if Democrats have any chance of controlling the Senate and stopping
Trump from packing the courts ith right-wing judges. Finally, there are eight state
legislative districts entrirely within PA-1 that are currently held by Republicans, but that
Clinton either won or narrowly lost.

Ongoing campaigns: The Pennsylvania primary was last week and we're ready to start
working to flip PA-1 and send Scott Wallace to Congress. You can learn more about
Scott here https://www.scottwallacepa.com/. This promises to be one of the most
competitive House races in the country. Republicans have already reserved nearly $8
million worth of TV ad time in southeastern PA, and we'll need to counteract all that
money by talking to every voter we can. Canvassing has begun!

When: Saturday, June 2nd from 10 am till 3 pm

Where: The Wallace campaign's Lower Bucks Campaign Office – 147 Woodbourne
Road, Langorne, PA 19047

How: Sign up here
For more information, please contract Alexandra Neuhaus-Follini (anf@jhu.edu) or
Robin McKinney (robin.m.mckinney@gmail.com).