Howard County Council Candidates on Immigration


Do you think all Howard County departments should have a written, public policy on staff interactions with immigrants? 

Yes, the county should have written policies to guide staff interactions with all county citizens including immigrants.  

If so, which languages would be your first priority for translating the documents? 

None.  They are policies to guide and instruct staff not the public.

 Under what circumstances should HoCo police or the sheriff’s department cooperate with ICE? 

Local law enforcement should cooperate with other law enforcement agencies whenever it improves public safety with a reasonable investment of county resources

Would you like to see CB-9 (the Howard County “sanctuary” bill) come before the County Council again after the next election?  


Should the County Council pass a measure prohibiting HoCo from entering into 287(g) agreements with ICE? 


What could be done to improve HoCo services to immigrants? 

Immigration counseling, English tutoring, orientation to county services, citizenship classes continued staff training