HoCo BOE Candidate Information 2018

In the race for Howard County Board of Education there are eight candidates on the ballot. Four of the eight will be elected to the Board in November. The candidates to consider are Vicky Cutroneo, Bob Glascock, Danny Mackey, Jen Mallo, Robert W. Miller, Anita Pandey, Sabina Taj, and, Chao Wu


Political Affiliations:

Democrats Bob Glascock, Jen Mallo, Robert Miller, Anita Pandey, Sabina Taj

Republicans :Vicki Cutroneo and Danny Mackey

Unaffiliated : Chao Wu who was a Republican, but is now unaffiliated. 


Useful links:

Indivisible HoCoMD Education Action Team BOE Candidate Surveys  

We received survey responses from six of the candidates. The two holdouts were – Vicky Cutroneo and Danny Mackey. See all responses:http://indivisiblehocomd.org/action-teams/education/board-of-education-candidates-survey/

Howard County Educators Association (HCEA) Endorsements:

Robert Miller, Vickie Cutroneo, and Bob Glascock. Robert is a career Howard County music teacher. Vickie has fought and won many things for students and educators as a parent activist. Bob is a former administrator who knows and values the hard work we do as educators every day.

HoCo NAACP Straw Poll Results

The organization isn’t making official endorsements. The top four winners included three Democrats: Sabina Taj, Jen Mallo, and Bob Glascock (Mavourene Robinson was eliminated during the Primary election).