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“…from Protest To Policy.” Elijah Cummings.

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“One year ago today, on my mother’s dying bed at 92 years old — a former sharecropper — her last words were: Do. Not. Let. Them. Take. Our. Votes. Away. From. Us.”

Redistricting in Maryland

Redistricting US Congressional Districts in MD

This paper provides information available from public sources to create foundational knowledge of requirements and issues that impact notions of what is “fair”.

Proposed Legislation

Proposed Legislation for Changes to Redistricting Process in Maryland 2019 Legislative Session

Recommendation on Changing the Current System

Recommendation on Changing the Current System for Maryland Redistricting

Bills of interest

US Senate and House bills related to protecting our democracy

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Defend Democracy Team Mission and Goals

The Defend Democracy Team of IndivisibleHoCoMD believes that the success of democracy depends on ethical standards, equality, campaign finance reform and voting rights. The team believes House Resolution-1, For the People, is the reform package that will place the federal government back into the hands of the people.

  1. We are committed to supporting H.R.-1 and its objectives and goals.
  2. We will focus on the state of Maryland to be sure it meets H.R-1 standards.
  3. Our team will assess what went wrong during the 2018 election in our state.
  4. Defend Democracy will actively promote the right to vote, work to preserve the right to vote and ensure full access to the ballot for all citizens of the state of Maryland.
  5. We will support our members of Congress in passing H.R.-1
  6. The team will understand the Maryland redistricting plan.
  7. Our team is aware of the many conflicts of interest that are constantly threatening our democracy. We will fight to return ethical norms and values to our federal government.
  1. Research and assessing  data from the 2018 election will be imperative to understanding how our state of Maryland can improve future elections, especially the 2020 election. Using the research results is essential to holding the Secretary of State and local election boards accountable and to ensure equality for all citizens.
  2. We will host a Town Hall to inform the general membership and public about the state of elections in our state prior to the 2020 election.
  3. Maryland is currently in the process of redistricting by a nonpartisan commission that requires careful scrutiny of our team and then sharing the discussions and results with our membership. Informing the general membership and public will be important so that there is an understanding of the process, the impact and the progress and results through our webpage and a Town Hall.
  4. We will continuously monitor and inform the membership about the progress of H.R.-1 and request the assistance of membership by communicating with their MOC’s to promote and encourage passage of H.R.-1.
  5. We will continue to bring conflicts of interest by the current administration to the attention of our membership.
  6. We are prepared to call for a rapid response when necessary as well inform and ask members to respond by communicating with MOC’s and protesting to bring attention to conflicts of interest in a public forum.
  7. Collaboration with other grassroots organizations is necessary to promoting our goal to defend democracy.

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